Citrix Storefront 2.6: Cannot start Desktop

I configured a Citrix Storefront 2.6 site for a customer and had to make some modifications in the web.config file. I ran into this little nifty tool which has a great GUI interface into the web.config. The tool offers a GUI to ease configuration of the StoreFront 1.2/2.0/2.1/2.5/2.6 “Receiver for Web”.


However, after editing the web.config file through the GUI tool and saving the result, I ran into an error trying to start a published desktop on the Storefront site (internally and externally).


2015-05-12_2Searching online for a solution I ran into a lot of forum posts which pointed toward wrongly configured STA’s. But my STA was properly configured. Even creating a new Storefront site didn’t solve the matter.

Just before I decided to wiped the installation and redo the whole Storefront configuration I gave it one last attempt, which was ‘Generate Security Keys’. And voila, I could start my published apps again.



  1. Marie says:

    I am facing the same situation now but I have never had to use this option, could you please tell what happens when you click on generate new security keys? Does that renew the certs right away? How long does the process last for?

    Thanks a lot

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